Dubious - English Vocabulary Lesson # 112

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2014年01月14日
The word 'dubious' is an adjective as it describes someone or something of being doubtful or uncertain, 'dubiously' is an adverb. 'Dubiousness' is a noun that means doubtfulness.

Example 01 : After being fired from his job, Michael sat dubiously, wondering about getting a new job during the recession period.
Example 02 :The dubiousness of the lease contract for their new house got the couple very worried.
Example 03 : On being questioned by the police regarding the murder case, Marc answered so dubiously that it increased the police's suspicion.
Example 04 : On being dubious about his patient's eye condition, the Opthalmologist conducted some tests to clear all the doubts.
Example 05 : While taking his Science exam, Martin was very dubious about clearing it as he hadn't prepared enough for it.
Exam 06 : The tourist wasn't dubious while climbing the canopy bridge.
Example 07 : At the meeting, the accountant tried to justify her dubious accounting practices.
Example 08 : Ken had to blow the breath test as the cop was dubious about his alcohol level.
Example 09 : At the bakery, the baker showed the sandwiches to the customer as he was dubious about its freshness.
Example 10 : The pharmacist was dubious and reluctant to hand over the medicine without a prescription.
What have you been dubious about, and why?