10 English Expressions with the Word CUT

source: Espresso English     2015年5月31日
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1. The director's second film was definitely a cut above his first.
2. You shouldn't cut corners when it comes to building a house--you don't want to risk the roof collapsing or something like that!
3. On Friday afternoon, the teenagesrs cut class and went to a movie instead.
4. The kids were fighting and I told them to cut it out.
5. We managed to cut a deal with a new manufacturer and saved 20% on our products.
6. (cut one's losses) After three months of classes, I wasn't making any progress, so I decided to cut my losses and quit.
7. (cut out for something) My parents wanted me to be an engineer, but I just wasn't but out for it--I'm terrible at math; I prefer the arts.
8. (cut someone some slack) The boss wanted this project done yesterday, but it was a ton of work and I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it all. Luckily she cut me some slack and extended the deadline.
9. Let's cut to the chase--we don't have time to talk about all that other stuff.
10. (have your work cut out for you) The house is a complete mess. We have to clean the house before the dinner party at 7. We've got our work cut out for us!