Talking about SPORTS!

source: English Lessons with Alex      2015年8月14日

# "Who played?"
--"Arsenal played against Chelsea."

# "What was the score?" "Who won?"
--The score is Arsenal 2, Chelsea 1.
--"Arsenal won against Chelsea." "Arsenal won 2-1 against Chelsea"
--"Arsenal beat Chelsea."
--"Chelsea lost to Arsenal" "Chelsea lost against Arsenal." "They lost 2-1."
--"Chelsea were beaten by Arsenal. They were beaten 2-1."
--The score was 1-1. "The game ended in a draw."  "The game ended in a tie."
--"They tied" or, "They tied 1-1." "They tied 2-2."
--Arsenal 5, Everton 0. =>  "It was a blowout." "Arsenal blew Everton out." "They blow them out." "Arsenal blew Everton out." "Everton, they were blown out." "The game was a blowout. It was not even close. It was not close."
--"It was a nail-biter." "The game was a nail-biter. It was a close game."