Common English expressions related to 'DANCE'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2015年9月4日
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1) put on your dancing shoes -
Get ready for dancing and to have a great time.
Example - Come on Sharon, Put on your dancing shoes we are going cubing tonight.

2) Have two left feet -
To move in a very awkward way while dancing.
Example - I'm sorry,I can't dance like you do,I have two left feet.

3) to boogie -
To dance on fast upbeat rock n roll music
Example - Let's go boogie tonight.

4) Strut your Stuff -
To enjoy dancing in a very confident manner in order to be noticed by the others.
Example - You should get on the dance floor and strut your stuff.

5) A slow dance -
A slow,romantic partner dance swaying to the music.
Example - She had a slow dance with Tony at the party last night.

6) Dance cheek to cheek -
To dance very closely with someone .
Example - Everyone looked at Sharon and John dance cheek to cheek

7) Burn up the dance floor -
To dance too much in an amazing manner.
Example - You need to burn up the dance floor tonight, it's your birthday.

8) Dance the night away -
To dance all night long.
Example - Those two dance the night away.