English lesson - Common Past Time Expressions

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2015年9月12日
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Time Expressions usually go at the end or at the beginning of a sentence.
Below are the most common Past Time Expressions

1. Yesterday - Previous day / One day before today
Example - I took an off yesterday

2. The day before yesterday - Two days before today
Example - Jane delivered a baby the day before yesterday.

3. Last night - It is used when speaking about the previous night.
Example - We had a blast last night

4. This morning - An earlier time on the same day.
Example - I skipped my breakfast this morning.

5. One week ago - Talking about a specific period of time / x number of days/weeks/months/years
Example - I spoke to her 10 days ago.

6. In 1990 - To talk about a specific point in the past.
Example - I graduated in 2003.