Vocabulary DRIVING and TRAFFIC (upper intermediate and advanced) Lesson 12

source: MrSkypelessons       2015年5月5日

get stuck in heavy traffic
skid on a bend
step on the brakes/ accelerator
overtake the car in front
face the oncoming traffic
have a head-on collision
a hit and run
a 2 year driving ban
put points on your license
pay a fine
drink driving, take a breathalyser
exceed the speed limit
a manual car / automatic car
put it into reverse

windscreen wipers
get a flat tyre or puncture
steering wheel
the engine is giving off smoke
put s.t in / take s.t out of the boot
change gear
rush hour
bear left / bear right

run out of petrol
fill up with petrol
pull out
pull over
flag down
slow down / speed up
get in / out a car
get on / off (all other transport)
pick s.o up / drop s.o off
run s.o over
knock s.o over
rev up your engine
cut s.o up
traffic is building up
traffic is tailing back
traffic is easing off
traffic is dying down