Vocabulary IDEAS and BELIEFS (upper intermediate and advanced) Lesson 19

source: MrSkypelessons    2015年9月2日

to adhere to (an adherent of)
to believe in
to assume (make an assumption)
to deduce
to convert to
fanatics / radicals
postulates / tenets
to exaggerate

give/lend/add credence to
give s.o the benefit of the doubt

to dissuade
to discriminate against

to put (get) across
to put forward an idea
to talk s.o round / into / out of
to weigh s.t up
to point out
to take in
to run ideas by s.o

to side with / against
to come out in favour of
to come out against
to stand for / against
to stand up for / up against
to stick by
to cheer on
to egg on

to defer to the experts
to cave in to demands / public opinion