Vocabulary POLITICS (upper intermediate and advanced) Lesson 9

source: MrSkypelessons     2015年3月29日

bring in new laws / legislation
cut / reduce / slash the defence budget
raise (increase) taxes or interest rates
ease (loosen) or tighten monetary policy
vote for a candidate
a general election
a by election
a referendum
declare independence / war / a ceasefire
seize (take) power
hostility / violence / disease / war breaks out

military coup
bring down / overthrow / topple the regime (a dictator)
abolish / restore the monarchy
enter into (launch) negotiations
broker a ceasefire / an agreement
settle a dispute
bow to pressure
issue a statement
decline to comment
clarify your position
mislead the electorate
leak a story to the press

run for president / parliament
stand for lower taxes
stand up for the poor
stand down as (minister of foreign affairs)
Objective / biased reporting
Conservative (Tory) = right wing
Labour (socialist) = left wing
Liberal Democrats = centre
UKIP = independence party