Vocabulary SHOPPING and CUSTOMER SERVICE (upper intermediate and advanced) Lesson 17

source: MrSkypelessons    2015年7月19日

prompt delivery
responsive to complaints
obliging staff
ready and willing to help
impeccable service
immediate dispatch
take complaints seriously
2 year warranty / guarantee
a full refund
meet health and safety requirements
satisfied customer

a sterile (impersonal) atmosphere
substandard service
shoddy work, products, services
incompetent staff
uncooperative shop assistants

a stain
to be ripped / torn
to be scratched
something is missing
didn't respond to my query

Phrasal verbs
get back to s.o
put s.o through
put s.o on hold
hang up
kick up a fuss (moan, groan, grumble, whinge, whine)
shop around
fork out on
splash out on
stock up on
rip s.o off
mug s.o off