Vocabulary SOCIAL LIFE (upper intermediate and advanced) Lesson 8

source: MrSkypelessons      2015年3月20日

mate / pal / chum
geezer / bloke / chap
party animal
party pooper
throw a surprise party
have a stag party
gatecrash a fancy dress party
a housewarming party
This calls for a celebration
to attend a formal function
a black tie event
a bash / a get together / a do
to wine and dine s.o
to book the perfect venue
to outstay your welcome
to pay s.o a (flying) visit

pop out
pop to
pop round
pop over
pop by

drop round
drop over
drop by

call in on

hang out (with), hang around (with)
knock around (with)
hook up with

get on with
fall out with

get up to

let s.o down
blow s.o out
stand s.o up

turn s.o down
turn s.o away

turn up / show up
dash off / shoot off / head off