Interestingly HOT English expressions.

source: Learn English with Let's Talk         2015年9月22日
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1) Hotline-a telephone line that gives quick and direct access to help or information
Different types of hotlines include Child protection services, Book my show,911 or a tourism hotline.
Eg: You can call the hotline for all the information you will need when you are on your vacation. (As you can see this hotline refers to all the travel information you can get while you’re on holiday).

2) Hotbed-a place that provides very good conditions for something to grow and develop fully or in a wholesome way
Eg: Our Company is a hotbed for innovation. The management always rewards people who come up with ideas that are out of the ordinary.

3) Hotshot-someone very skilled successful, might be arrogant showing off their success
Eg: She is some hotshot actress who rose to fame after some reality show she starred in

4) Hotheaded-easily angered
Eg: As children we were afraid of our father who was very hotheaded. He would yell at us when we made the slightest mistakes

5) Selling like hotcakes-Referred to products which are sold very fast in the market and those which are very profitable
Eg: The new Apple iphone was selling like hotcakes. The company grossed over 30 million in the first week of its launch.

6) Hotspot-This word has two different meaning and therefore, can be used in two different ways
a) a lively place which is popular (nightclub, coffee shop, busy tourist place)
Eg: Central Perk is apparently the hotspot on this side of the town. We can talk over a cup of coffee over there after we’ve finished work.
b) an area with lots of violence, war, tension and conflict (strip of Gaza, border of Jammu-Kashmir)
Eg: After the Palestine war, the strip of Gaza which is a hotspot for violence is now considered to be uninhabitable. Civilians are moving and to find safer accommodation facilities.

7) Hot button issues-a controversial topic makes people angry, passionate or emotional discussing about it (Sexuality, Abortion, Religion, Vegetarianism)
Eg: It’s better to keep hot button issues out of the way while conducting an interview.

8) Hot off the press-Newly released book or a book that has been recently printed and released
Eg: Harry Potter fans were waiting in line outside the store to get their hands on the last book of their favorite author which came hot off the press today morning.

9) Full of hot air-a person who takes too much nonsense, a person who shouldn’t be taken seriously
Eg: Please ignore Mr.Waters, he is just full of hot air.

10) In hot water-getting in trouble for doing something wrong
Eg: You better study well or you will be in hot water when your exams approach.

11) Having the hots for someone-being romantically or Sexually attracted to someone.
Eg: Poor Harry had the hots for his neighbor ever since he was 19, but was too shy to do anything about it.

12) Hot on someone’s heels-someone is following closely behind
Eg: The thief won’t get too far; the police are hot on their heels since last night.