Vocabulary WAR and PEACE (Lesson 20) [upper intermediate and advanced]

source: MrSkypelessons       2015年9月14日

make an alliance with
make a pact with
make a truce
sign a peace treaty
sign an armistice
declare/maintain a ceasefire
violence (hostilities, war) erupts, escalates, breaks out
to go on the offensive
to launch a counterattack, surgical strikes, a pre-emptive strike
to be under siege
to lay siege to
a military coup, uprising, rebellion
civil war
to (an) ambush
to shell front line positions
collateral damage (slaughtered civilians)
to be caught in the crossfire
to loot
to riot
to pillage
to plunder

declare war
seize power
to capture enemy troops
to defeat the rebels
to retreat, withdraw, pull back from, pull out of
to surrender to the opponent
to invade a foreign power
to evacuate the wounded, civilians, refugees
to annex (a disputed territory)
to stockpile weapons
to deploy heavy artillery, troops
to suffer (sustain) heavy casualties
to disarm
to rearm
armoured personnel carrier