9 tips for acing your next job interview ( Job Interview skills)

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2015年9月18日
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1) First.. Get the interview
2) Rock the Resume'
3) Preparation
4) Make a "killer" first impression
5) Tackle the tough questions
6) Use the Question Mark
7) Serve the "good" dish without sounding too full of yourself or arrogant.
8) Follow up but do not stalk. One can also start with a thank you note or message and then go on to find out the outcome of the interview. Its important to do this without appearing too desperate, aggressive or like a stalker who keeps calling or messaging too often .
9) If it is a "NO GO", look ahead: It is possible that you may have done well in your interview but you may still not get hired…do not lose hope, stay positive.