Advanced Vocabulary Course: lesson 4

source: MrSkypelessons    2015年11月9日
This advanced vocabulary course is designed to work in tandem with episodes on the US version of Sherlock called 'Elementary', and exercises on my website. You can find more grammar and vocabulary questions here:

# Please answer the following questions:
Do you think there should be a limit on the number of people granted political asylum? Why (not)?
What kind of things do you have a flair for?
Are you a meticulous planner? Or are you more spontaneous?
What time do you usually show up for work?
Who is the most articulate person you know?
What kind of food or drink invigorates you the most?
Are there any groups of people who you particularly loathe? Why?
Do you have any information which you ought to keep a lid on? Let me in on the secret, please!

political asylum
a flair (for languages)
trace amounts of (poison)

to loathe
to show up
to binge on
to crave oblivion
to slip up
to miss the point
to burst with pride
to hold s.o in high esteem
to suffocate
to drown
to let s.o in on (a secret)
to frame s.o (set s.o up)
to categorically refuse
to dig your own grave
to invigorate
to keep a lid on something

sincere (condolences)
unwitting (adulteress)
cunning and meticulous
awkward (moments)