Difference between ‘How About & What About’

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# How About ?
“How about?” is used to suggest an action and to “open” different possibilities:
Example : How about a vacation to Singapore?
Example : How about applying for that job at the bank?

# What About?
“What about?” is used to mention an objection or a potential problem:
Example : What about my English class that falls on the same time?
Example : What about your dog?

# There are cases wherein ‘What about?’ & ‘How about?’ can be used interchangeably, that’s when you are asking about what someone is doing or feeling.
Example :
“How have you been?”
“Good – a little busy with school. How about you?”
“Where do you work?”
“At the local university. What about you?”
--In this case, How about you? and What about you? are asking the same question back to the other person.