Different words to describe 'sadness' in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2015年11月5日
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Morose - means really sad and sullen /sulky in such way that it shows on your face ; like if you have had a fight or some bad news then very likely that you are looking and feeling 'morose'.

Downcast - means so sad and depressed that you can't even keep your chin up.. you can't look ahead in life and are really disappointed or you are really down and are hanging your head.

Down in the dumps /down in the doldrums - meaning that you are very low or very sad because everything that had to go wrong in your life has already gone wrong that's when we say that someone is down in the dumps !

Blue - means you are feeling sad or low or not feeling well . You can also use this word to describe the weather if it is very dull and lacks cheer. You can also use blue to describe a day such as a blue Monday as in a sad sad , dull , boring Monday .

Melancholy - means a feeling of deep sadness for no particular reason or for multiple reasons . Melancholy is used to describe a state of affairs or a general feeling enveloping a person or place .

Despondent - despondent is someone who is in deep despair very disheartened. For Ex: Having gone bankrupt ; Sam’s entire future seems despondent meaning there was absolutely no hope left what so ever .

Dejected - means disheartened or to lose all hope . This happens when you receive some bad or disappointing news that you feel "dejected" or lose all hope .

Sorry - means sad or to empathize . Sorry here does not mean to apologize … When you say , you are sorry .. it means you are empathizing or you are sad to learn of some certain news .

Forlorn - means sad and expressionless . Sometimes when people go through a lot in life they stop feeling … their face becomes sad and expressionless .. that when you can say that someone is looking "forlorn".

Rock-bottom - means to hit the lowest point of your life after which there is no hope for you …For Ex : When Sam got fired he started drinking heavily and hit rock-bottom…. which means he messed up his life in such a large way that it couldn’t get any worse .