Discussing beauty Problems (Vocabulary)

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We all do our best to maintain our beauty and look attractive. Every person would love to be flawless, however we do face some common beauty problems on regular basis. In this English speaking lesson we will learn to discuss these beauty issues.
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# Pimple/ Zit / Spot - Inflamed spot on the skin.
# Baggy Eyes - Bags under eyes which need medical attention. They are dark semi circles which are usually raised or swollen under eyes.
# Dark circles - Blemishes around or under eyes that make you look dull.
# Puffy Eyes - Swollen eyes
# Blackhead - Opening on the skin which are covered with dark mass of skin debris.
# Whitehead - A pale or white topped pustule on the skin
# Freckle and Spots - Dark black or brown spots that are developed on the skin because of too much exposure to the sun or pollution.
# Chapped lips - Chapped lips means your lips are dry and possibly cracks are formed due to various reasons such as cold weather, too much of exposure to the sun.
# Gray Hair - showing characteristics of age, especially having gray or white hair however it is a beauty concern if one spots gray hair at young age.
# Greasy Hair - Oily hair.
# Hair loss - Losing of hair in abundance
# Brittle nails - Nails that easily crack, chip or split .
# Yellow nails - Fingernails or the toenails that have a yellowish tint on the surface.