English phrases to describe 'Being Drunk'

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Phrases used when talking informally, referring to a friend, family member or someone close: 
1] Tipsy - means slightly drunk.
Ex: When Sally gets tipsy .. she is very funny.

2] Buzzed - means drunk to the extent where one starts feeling the "buzz"in the head or becoming slightly unsteady on one's feet.
Ex: John enjoys drinking till the point where he is buzzed or till the point when his head is buzzing.

3] One too many - means one has had more to drink than one can handle and that one is properly drunk.
Ex: It's best to keep Mel away from having "one too many' at a party

4] Wasted - When one has had too much to drink is completely drunk , its called being wasted.
Ex : Rose got completely wasted on her birthday and passed out before the guests left.

5] Hammered - means very drunk … as if the alcohol has hit your system with a hammer :).
Ex: Ken was so hammered at the office party that he did not realise that he was being rude to his boss!

6] Plastered - (similar to hammered) - means very, very drunk!
Ex: Ken got plastered at the office party and ended up being rude to his boss.

7] Blasted -( similar to hammered/plastered)- means very, very drunk.
Ex : Ken got blasted at the office party and ended up bad -mouthing the boss.

8] Slurred /Slurring - means so drunk that one's speech becomes unclear .
Ex: Ben was slurring when asked Betty out ; so naturally she turned him down.
Phrases used when we are talking about "being drunk" in a formal tone/manner:
9] Intoxicated - which literally means under the influence of a toxin which in this case is alcohol.
Ex: Mr. Jenner was warned by his boss against showing up intoxicated to work .

10] Inebriated - means totally drunk; again this is a formal way of calling someone a "drunk".
Ex: Philip is well know for his inebriated ways /behaviour.

11] Under the influence - means drunk or under the influence of alcohol.This is a formal term and is used in official documents.
Ex: Its against the law to be driving under the influence .