How to describe physical pain in English.

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1) Burning - It is a tingling pain and it feels as if a part of your body is touching something hot.
2) Chapped - We experience chapped skin or lips which are dry and painful especially because of cold weather.
3) Acute - This type of pain is used for describing pain that is strong and sharp but lasts for a short period.
4) Chronic - It is a serious pain that need medical attention. It is again a very strong and sharp pain but lasts for very long time.
5) Griping - A sharp sudden pain in the stomach.
6) Inflamed - A part of your body that is inflamed is swollen, red and is painful because of an infection or injury.
7) Itchy - Itchiness is an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch or rub it.
8) Sore - Soreness is because of an injury or infection which is painful and makes you feel very uncomfortable.
9) Stiff - Stiffness is pain in your muscles and you cannot move your body part easily.
10) Stabbing - Stabbing is a sudden, strong and sharp pain.
11 Agliophobia - If a person has an abnormal fear of pain, he or she is an agliophobic.