Musical idioms to rock your meeting room.

source: Learn English with Let's Talk        2015年11月21日
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This Business English lessons covers music - related idioms that can be used in Business English to make a positive impression in the meeting room and come across as someone who is savvy at using English idioms and sound fluent in English.
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# Ring a bell - recall /remember something
# For a song - for a very low price
# Like a broken record- stuck on one point /to repeat something over and over again
# Blow your own trumpet - to brag /boast about oneself or one's achievements
# Jam session - an ideating /brainstorming session
# Call the tune - make important decisions or assert authority
# Blow the whistle - to reveal a piece of information that was to be kept private
# Music to one's ears - to hear exactly what one was waiting to hear
# Face the Music - to face the impact /punishment
# Harp on it - to show off repeatedly
# Roll the drums - to start a celebration