Talking about household chores in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2015年11月15日
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# The two verbs that we use to talk about cleaning or creating something related to household chores are Do and Make.

# Common expressions :
1) Make the bed - Rearranging the bed and it's coverings neatly after waking up.
2) Beat the rug - Expression used to dusting out the rug when its dusty and dirty.
3) Dust the furniture - To clean the layer of dust that settles on the furniture.
4) Sweep the floor - To clean the dirt or litter on the floor with the help of a brush or broom.
5) Mop the floor - To clean the floor with a mop by soaking it in the water with disinfectants.
6) Vacuum the carpet - To clean a dirty carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
7) Set the table - To prepare a dining table for the meal.
8) Clear the table - To removes the dishes and the cutlery from the table after the meal.
9) Put the food away - After clearing the table to put the left overs in a refrigerator.
10) Do the dishes - To clean the dirty dishes.
11) Clean the Stove or Sink - To tidy up the stove and cleaning a clogged sink.