Common Future Time Expressions in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk       2015年11月23日
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# Tomorrow -A day after today
Example - I will go meet him tomorrow.
# The day after tomorrow -Two days after today
Example - My mom will visit me the day after tomorrow.
# Next week -The week after this week
(similar expressions - next moth /next year)
Example - Adam will start his swimming class next week.
# In a year -A specific period of time in the future
(similar expressions - in a week / in a month / in an hour)
Example - Sam is going to graduate in a year
# Later -Talking about doing something or meeting someone in the near or far future.
Example - I will talk to you later.
# In the near future -Very soon, within a short period
Example - I will need a new new washing in the near future.
# Soon -Talking about a period in the near future , not specific time.
Example - I will see you soon.
# On Monday / In August / In 2019 -