English Lesson - Holiday Season Greetings ( Learning English Speaking)

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Season's Greetings -
This is a great expression to use to greet people of any religion during this season. Often this expression is used in writing but can be also used when you meet someone during the festive season.
Happy Holidays / Holiday Greetings -
The holiday season is a time for joy and happiness and this greeting sums it up well. Again, It works fine to write this in a card or to say it aloud. You can use this greeting throughout the month of December.
Happy/Merry Christmas -
In some countries people prefer to say Happy Christmas and in some countries people use Merry Christmas to wish others. This phrase is used to wish people a pleasant Christmas period.
Happy New year -
Most of us celebrate New Year's Eve by staying up late, having a good time with friends and family and waiting for midnight to welcome the new year. Happy New Year is a fun way to greet others when you see them and you can continue to wish them using this phrase for the next 15 days of January.

# Responding to the Greetings above: 
Repeat the greeting
Merry Christmas to you too
Wish you the same.

# Some common questions that you can ask people around this time of the year: 
What are you doing for Christmas / New Year's ?
Are you doing anything special for Christmas / New Year's?
Are you done with your Christmas gifts shopping yet?