New Single Dropped! OMG!美语I

source: 美国之音中文网 2015年11月18日
今天我们来看看@夏恒xia 提的话题:唱歌。

1. new single dropped 出新歌
Adele's new single dropped and it is amazing! Have you heard it!?
2. I died 好听死了
Yes! I totally died. She is my favorite singer on the planet. Other than Taylor Swift!!
听了!好听死了!她是我全世界最喜欢的歌手,除了Taylor Swift以外!
3. play on loop 单曲循环
4. relate to something 很有感触
I played her new single on loop all day yesterday. It's such a beautiful song. I can relate to it a lot.
好!…… Which song did you play on loop?
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