Interesting English phrases with 'BALL'

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年1月26日
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1] to have a ball - means to enjoy oneself or to throw a party
Ex: When the teacher had to leave the classroom suddenly ; the children ended up having a ball . The mayor threw a ball for the who's who of the city .
2] The ball is in your court - means it is your turn to reply or take action or make a decision
Ex: Once the citizens' committee put forward their detailed views and ideas regarding the improvement of Public Transport in the city ; the ball was in the Mayor's court .
3] to get the ball rolling - means to get the process started or to start the event
Ex: Once we received the approval from our Boss ; we got the ball rolling on our project .
4] Ballpark figure - means the approximate value or number or figure
Ex: The actual cost of the project was far greater than the estimated ballpark figure .
5] Lets play Ball - means let's compete .
Ex: Once I realised that my colleague was being highly competitive with me ..I challenged him saying,"lets play ball!".
6] Slime ball - means someone who is sly and cannot be trusted or who has a very shady character .
Ex: After a few meetings .. I realised that the client was a complete Slime ball as he repeatedly lied and chose to inflate and brag about his non- existent achievements .
7] A different ball game - means a different level of challenge altogether .
Ex: As a manager managing a large team ...keeping each team member motivated every day is a different ball ga,me altogether .
8] A ball of fire - a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm
Ex: The new employee we have hired is a ball of fire ; always alert and energetic.
9 ]Eye on the ball - means to focus on the task at hand
Ex: When handling complicated tasks at work ; it is important that everyone has their eye on the ball.
10] to drop the ball - means to make an error /mistake
Ex: Our team ended up dropping the ball on an important pitch by being over confident and under prepared.