10 phrases to change your decision or mind.

source: Learn English with Let's Talk 2016年1月13日
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In this spoken English lesson by Ceema at Lets Talk you will learn some useful English phrases to change your mind or decision. A Decision is a choice that you make about something after thinking about several possibilities. But sometimes, you still want to change that particular choice or decision, right? So Ceema has come up with various ways you can express your desire to change your choice or decision.
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I changed my mind: Simplest way to say that in the past you had one decision or opinion but later on you changed it.
Eg: We decided to watch a movie, but then I changed my mind. We went for lunch instead.

I had a change of heart: Change of feelings, attitudes and behavior (to be positive)
Eg: The judge fined him for 1000 gbp, but then had a change of heart since he was a first time offender. So he let the accused get away with much less.

Hang on a minute: Used when asking the other person to wait, while u are still debating a decision and you need more time to think
Eg: you’re not sure if you should pick up your new phone at the store or just have someone deliver it to your house. You need more time to think at the time of ordering your new handset.

On second thought: Introduce your final decision which you believe is better than the one you last made
Eg: I will speak with the HR manager about the issue, on second thought I think I will make a formal complaint in writing.

On reflection/upon reflection: When you have given ample thought to a decision or choice before changing it
Eg : Upon reflection, I decided that our plans to have a vacation this year can wait. We need to save money instead.

After further consideration: More formal way to say that you have given ample thought to a decision or choice before changing it
Eg : After further consideration, I decided that Mr Rogers is probably the best candidate suited for this role. Let’s hire him!!

He convinced me to/persuaded me to: When another person influences you to change what you have already decided
Eg : I decided to go home and study but he convinced me to wait around with his friends

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I…: Used when your previous decision was not logical
Eg : I have to break up with Mark! I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to date him.

I did a 180: Change of decision or feelings in the total opposite direction.
Eg : I had decided to stop speaking with my parents, but when I understood that they only wanted the best for me, I did a 180. I started visiting them more often, I just had a more positive approach toward them.