English Speaking Lesson - 6 Expressions with the word 'CRY'.

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1. A cry-baby -
Someone,usually a child who cried too easily and keeps whining and complaining about silly things.
Example - Don't be such a cry-baby.

2. Cry over spilled milk -
To be unhappy and worry about things which cannot be undone or rectified.
Example - I know you didn't mean to break my vase, so there is no point in crying over spilled milk.

3. Cry me a river -
It is a sarcastic remark for someone who whines and complain constantly and you don't really care about it.
Example - I word hard and I am so sincere still I haven't got a raise. Cry me a river, I have been in this company for five years and yet to get a raise.

4. Cry in one's beer -
Self pity, to feel sorry for oneself
Example - I am done with my friend who always cries in her beer.

5. Cry wolf -
This phrase comes from the story 'The boy who cried Wolf' it means to raise a false alarm. To ask for help when not needed.
Example - My friend can't d things by herself and always tends to cry wolf.

6. Crying Shame -
Unfortunate situation
Example - It is a crying shame that John is unable to get a job.