Advanced Vocabulary Course: lesson 1

source: MrSkypelessons    2015年9月17日
This advanced vocabulary course is designed to work in tandem with episodes on the US version of Sherlock called 'Elementary', and exercises on my website. You can find more grammar and vocabulary questions here:

I advise students to do the following: read the exercises, check any unknown vocabulary, watch the show, answer the questions, and then retell it using the target vocabulary and grammar. The retelling is necessary to activate new phrases in an easy to remember context. Please repeat the vocabulary using this video and the questions which accompany the video. Please subscribe for the whole course. Lessons will be released on a weekly basis.

1) Should prison rehabilitate or punish offenders?
2) What's the best way of dealing with addictions?
3) Do you know anyone who has been in a rehab clinic?
4) What's the best way to sober up?
5) Can you think of any famous kidnappings or stranglers?
6) Can you name the culprits/perpetrators?
7) How much was the ransom demand?
8) Would you have a water tight alibi if you were accused of committing a crime last night?
9) Do you have any siblings?
10) Do your siblings/children throw temper tantrums?
11) What sort of things are a sore subject for you?
12) Do you tend to let people in on your secrets?
13) Do you have any allergies? What are you allergic to?

to rehabilitate
rehab clinic
sober (to sober up)
perpetrator / culprit
a water tight alibi
to be kidnapped
a ransom demand
to strangle
to throw a temper tantrum
signs of struggle
to dry out
a sore subject
a slope of 5 degrees
to let s.o in on
to be allergic to

1) He can't have strangled his wife.
2) Dr Mantlo can't have been the culprit.
3) Mrs Mantlo can't have been kidnapped.
4) Mrs Mantlo must have known her killer.
5) Peter must have wanted to dry out his phone.

1) He shouldn't have thrown a temper tantrum.
2) He shouldn't have spoken about this sore subject.
3) He shouldn't have got addicted to heroin.