English lesson to talk about Apartment or Flats.

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Apartments –
Houses in buildings where a lot of families stay in the same building but in different houses on different floors. Mostly the word apartment is used in American English

Flat –
Same as apartments .This word is common to British English .

Extremely tall building; such a building may have approximately 50 to 100 floors .

Living in the sky –
Stands for living on a very high floor in a skyscraper. Such an apartment generally offers a view of the entire city down below; does giving you a feel of living in the sky.

More density of people in a small space. Overcrowding is a common problem today in modern society.

Mechanical parking –
Elevator parking or stack parking where cars are parked one on top of the other.

Elevators –
Lifts used to go up and down the apartment building .

Foyer / Lobby
An open area which is present immediately after entering the building .

Serviced apartment –
An apartment which has all the facilities of the hotel room.

Sky line-
A panoramic view of the city from a height.

Terrace garden –
A garden that has been cultivated on the terrace of a building.
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