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Drama Queen - A person especially a woman who habitually responds to situations in a very melodramatic and exaggerated manner.
Example - You are such a Drama Queen!

Queen Bee - A woman who thinks that she is the most important person in a group
Example - Natasha is the queen bee of that girl gang.

Prince Charming - An Attractive,rich , kind man. ( Prince Charming is a stock character who appears in fairy tales)
Example - I'm still waiting for my Prince charming.

Live like a king - To live a very comfortable and luxurious life
Example - After winning the lottery,Sam lives like a king.

King's ransom - A huge amount of money,a fortune
Example - I have to buy a watch for myself, however I don't want to spend king's ransom.

Fit for a king - Something which is really nice and luxurious
Example - Our room at the hotel was fit for a king.