Snack Time Vocabulary

source: Learn English with Let's Talk   2016年2月8日
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1) Nibble on: To nibble on means to munch something small and for time being. It could be a sandwich or a canopy or crackers.

2) Hi- tea: The term Hi-tea was originated from Ireland. Initially it was meant as early and small dinner from 7-9. Now it is a popular term for refreshment or snacks.

3) Savoury: Savoury is another term for salted snacks. Originally, the word savoury was used for snacks that could be sweet or salty. However, they are now referred for snacks that are not sweet. It could be a quiche or small sandwich or bagel..

4) Confections: Confections are food items that are rich in sugar and carbohydrates.
Are baked dish that have a firm base but is covered with fruit or custard filling.
Cakes and pastries
They are sweet snacks. But sometimes, cakes and pastry can be savoury as well such as puff pastry or carrot cakes. Macaroons
Are small cakes that are colourful. Crispy from outside and soft from inside

5) Water: Water can be with gas or no gas. In English, water with gas is called soda. However, native speakers use the term soda for cold beverages such as Coke and Pepsi.

6) Coffee:
Café royal:
When we add a teaspoon of brandy to a cup of coffee, it is called Café royal.
Macchiato: When we add skim milk or low fat milk to espresso, we call it Macchiato. It is ‘tho’ and not ‘toe’ sound at the end of the word.

7) Tea
English tea or tea black are sometimes called as liquor tea because of the colour which is similar to that of brandy or alcohol. The term ‘Liquor tea white’ is used for English tea with milk
Green Tea and Peppermint tea are called as herbal tea.
They have high caffeine level and many people drink them to be awake.
Some people don’t like high caffeine drinks, especially tea! They can opt for decaffeinated tea, which has no or less caffeine