English phrases for 'asking someone to wait'

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Hang on a moment / Hold on – These two expressions can be used when you are busy and expect to be able to help in a shot period.

I'll be right with you – This phrase can be used if you belong to the customer service industry where you want the customer to wait for few minutes.

Bear with me – This is a very polite and formal expression when you want someone to be patient because it might take you longer.

Let me see – One can use this expression when you want time to think before you can give an answer.

All in good time – Use this expression to ask someone to wait and give you enough time to finish an activity.
Below are the expressions when you get back to the person who is been waiting for you:

I apologize for the delay – Formal way to say sorry if the person has been waiting too long.

Thank you for waiting – Use this expression to appreciate their time they have spent waiting for you.

Sorry to keep you waiting
General expression to be used when you get back to the person waiting for you.