Qualities that describe Sports People

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Sportsmen or women need to have certain core qualities to be at the top of their field. In this Spoken English Lesson we will discuss about these qualities and learn some useful English phrases and English vocabulary that you could use in your English conversation while speaking English about sports people.
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Drive – A strong desire to win
Example: The drive for perfection makes an athlete work hard on his game .

Focus – Someone having a concentrated attention
Example: For a sportsman , it is important to always focus on his goal.

Discipline – A Code of conduct or behavior a sports person must follow.
Example: Nothing great can be achieved without discipline ; especially in the field of sports.

Dedication – The quality of being committed to a game or practice.
Example: An athlete who shows complete dedication towards his sport will surely reap great rewards over a period of time.

Determination – A go getter attitude or an attitude to achieve something bigger.
Example: The best athletes are the ones who have the steely determination to win.

Emotional maturity – Emotional balance or sense of calm
Example: Apart from talent , a sportsperson needs to master the art of emotional maturity in the face of defeat and pressure.

Presence of mind – The ability to think on your feet or in the moment of crisis.
Example: Every game can throw a new challenge in an athlete's path , hence the presence of mind to face these challenges is required.

Competitiveness – The desire to beat or win.
Example: On the field , the athletes show extreme competitiveness ; such behaviour is often what makes the audience enjoy the game.

Aggression – In a sports context, aggression can best be defined as an unprovoked physical or verbal assault.
Example: Aggression on the field is sometimes a good tactic to intimidate the other side ; but too much of it can get the player in trouble.

Attitude – A feeling or opinion about something or someone.
Example: Hard work , talent and the right attitude are the best qualities an athlete can have in order to succeed.