Business Brainstorming - English lesson

source: Twominute English    2015年6月3日
Are you full of business ideas and unable to express them to others? Language can be the biggest hindrance in success in the business world.
You need to be quick and spontaneous with your thoughts and words if you really want to get the deal.
Brainstorming is an essential part of business. When you brainstorm, you try and look for innovative solutions and ideas that can help you do things better. You can brainstorm alone with someone else or even in a group.
In this lesson, let’s listen to some conversations about brainstorming. Let’s try and learn some phrases and vocabulary that’ll help us express ourselves when we need to brainstorm.
The sentences with the key phrases are highlighted at the end of the video. Practice all the phrases at the end to build your fluency in the subject matter.
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