Business English lesson - Words to talk about office politics

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年5月27日
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Name dropping - it means to use important names to influence colleagues and clients in order to get your work done.
Example: Paul has the habit of name dropping and it is so annoying.

To curry favour – to try to get into the good books of people like trying to impress your boss by getting coffee for him/her often.
Example: I have seen Sam currying favour all the time.

Badmouthing – to criticize or back bite someone
Example: It’s a bad habit to badmouth about someone.

Idea snatching – to pass off another’s idea as your own
Example: Idea snatching has become a very popular malpractice these days.

Lobbying - to seek support or influence (people who try to gain support for their own benefit for their idea to be successful)
Example: I have always found Peter lobbying in order to make his ideas successful.

Overstepping - going beyond one’s scope (interrupting or trying to boss your own manager)
Example: Overstepping will not always help someone to climb up the ladder.

Groupism – supporting people because they are part of a group (the group does not allow outsiders to enter)
Example: There is a lot of groupism in this office and it needs to stop for everyone’s benefit

Playing favourites – to like or dislike certain people for personal reasons
Example: The manager has been playing favourites for a long time and that is the reason the deserving candidates are not getting promoted.

Being pushy - being aggressive to get your work done
Example: A pushy boss will never be a favourite with his employees.

As far as possible one needs to stay away from practicing such bad work ethics.