Forming 'WH' questions in English

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2014年7月14日
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W/H allows the speaker to find out more information about topics. They are as follows.
When? - Time (The answer refers to time)
Where? - Place (The answer refers to place)
Who? - Person (The answer refers to a person/persons)
Why? - Reason (The answer gives a reason)
How? Manner (The answer refers to a manner or method of doing )
What? - Object/Idea/Action (The answer refers to an idea, object or an action)
Which? - Things (The answers refers to a thing)
Others words 'How' can also be used to inquire about specific information:
How much? - Price, amount (non-countable)
How many? - Quantity (countable)
How long? - Duration
How far? - Distance

# Example Sentences:
When / at What time?
When is the meeting?
When is the interview?
When is the next bus?
When is your birthday party?
When are you coming?
When is the last train to Moscow?
What time is the function?

Where is that boy?
Where is your office?
Where is my book?
Where are their books?
Where are my glasses?
Where is your friend Ram?
Where are the children?

Who is that boy?
Who is she?
Who is your favorite actress?
Who are they?
Who is that girl there?

Why is the train late?
Why are you so dull?
Why are you late?
Why is she here?
Why are you angry ?
Why are they afraid of him?

How is the Hotel room?
How is everybody?
How is your friend Rachna?
How are things?
How old are you?

What time is it?
What's your father's name?
What is the name of that girl?
What is wrong with you?
At what time is the meeting?
On what day is the function?

Which is your book?
Which is your umbrella?
Which is his bag?
Which color do you like?