Asking people where they come from. Basic English Lesson

source: Twominute English     2014年1月26日
Some people are born and brought up in a particular place or others come to a certain place to work or to study. We might have a lot of friends in our schools, colleges or workplace who belong to a certain city or country.
In this lesson we'll learn the words to use in different ways of asking someone where he is from.
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0:13 Hello! Welcome to the lesson! We constantly meet new people and make friends in life.
0:19 When we meet someone new, we want to know which place they are from.
0:24 So how would you ask that question and how would you answer it? Today’s lesson is all about that.
0:31 Listen to all the sample conversations, and also make sure you check out the vocabulary section at the end.
0:38 You can practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:45 Let’s get it started now!
0:54 Hello.
0:55 Hi.
0:56 How are you?
0:58 I'm good. How are you?
0:59 Good. Do you speak English?
1:02 A little. Are you American?
1:04 Yes.
1:05 Where are you from?
1:07 I'm from California.
1:09 Nice to meet you.
1:11 Nice to meet you too.
1:19 Hey Nathan.
1:21 I have never asked you before but what’s your hometown?
1:26 My hometown is Washington.
1:29 I am from New Jersey.
1:31 Oh cool! I like New Jersey.
1:40 Hey Yuki. How are you?
1:43 Hi Garry. I’m good. How about you?
1:46 I’m just fine.
1:47 Okay.
1:49 Sorry to bother you but which country are you from?
1:53 No, it’s okay. I am from Japan.
1:57 Okay. Where in Japan?
2:00 I am from Tokyo. You’re from The States, right?
2:03 No, no. I am from Toronto, Canada.
2:07 Okay, nice! You seem like you are from The States.
2:11 Yeah. Well there isn’t a lot of difference you know.
2:16 Yes. I agree.
2:25 Hey Leo! Are you from Hawaii?
2:27 Yes. I was born and brought up in Hawaii.
2:30 Okay.
2:31 Are you from Hawaii too?
2:33 No. I am from Washington Dc. I’ve come here to work.
2:37 Okay. So were you born and brought up in Washington Dc?
2:40 Yes, indeed.
2:42 Okay. Cool!
2:53 United states of America is commonly referred to as The States, specially inside the United States of America.
3:04 The city where you born and brought up in, is the city where you spent your childhood.
3:13 When you belong to some place,
3:15 You’ve lived there for a long time and you identify with that place, its culture and its people.
3:25 Your hometown is the town where you spent most of your life, specifically your childhood.
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