English expressions to describe your 'Mood'

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# Expressions for being ‘HAPPY’
Broad smile on the face. –
Means that the person was very happy and her mouth was showing a very clear smile
Example: When my little sister sees her father come back from work she always has a broad smile on her face.
Beaming from ear to ear-
Shining with a smile that stretches wide, can be used when someone is extremely happy
Example: Children were beaming from ear to ear when they saw ice cream.

# Expressions for being ‘SAD’
Why the long face?
Common question that we ask when somebody LOOKS VERY SAD/ UPSET.
Example: a) What happened? Why the long face?
b) You’ve just got a new job, a new house – you should be happy! Why the long face?

# Expressions for being ‘ANGRY’
He was wearing a frown –
Means that he was looking annoyed or concerned and his eyebrows were lowered and forehead wrinkled.
Example: When Elena walked off after the argument with John he was left there wearing a frown on his face.
Grimaced/ Winced-
A wince or a grimace are expressions of pain and / or disapproval. They are brief reactions to something unpleasant. (To contort one's face to indicate displeasure, disgust, or pain)
Example: She took another drink of his coffee. 'Awful,' she said with a grimace.
She gave me a dirty look –
A dirty look is a way of showing anger or disapproval (staring hard at someone in an unfriendly way).
Example: I got a dirty look from the teacher when I cracked a joke in class.
He was purple with rage (fierce anger) –
The person is so angry that parts of his face has changed colour to purple.
Example: She was purple with rage when she saw the teacher scolding her child.
If looks could kill –
This expression is mostly an unfinished conditional sentence. It means that the other person was looking very angrily or aggressively at somebody.
Example: I'll never forget the expression on my boss’s face when I turned up late for work fourth day in a row.

# Expressions for being ‘SURPRISED’
Raising Eyebrows –
People in the UK raise their eyebrows to show surprise or disapproval.
Example: She raised her eyebrows when she saw me with Karin at the restaurant, she didn’t expect us to be there.

# Expressions ‘TO INSULT SOMEONE’
Looking down the nose at someone-
Means that the person is showing that he thinks the other person is 'lower' in importance or social status.
Example: Just because he's rich he looks down his nose at us.