First day at work. Talking in English at the office.

source: Twominute English      2014年1月23日
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0:14 Hi there! Glad to see you, dear viewer. The first day at work is an exciting experience that gives new paths to our careers.
0:22 We meet a lot of new people and effective communication is a good way to make a positive first impression.
0:29 This lesson will show you conversations that revolve around first day of work scenarios.
0:34 We’re sure you will be able to relate to them.
0:38 Do listen to them all, and make sure you check out the vocabulary section at the end.
0:43 Feel free to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:48 Let’s get started now!!
0:57 Good morning, Mr. Parker.
0:59 Good morning, Ms. Green. How are you today?
1:02 I am doing great. What about you?
1:04 I’m fine, thank you. Welcome to your first day in our company. Joanna will introduce you to the team.
1:10 Thank you very much Mr. Parker.
1:12 Glad to have you on our team Ms. Green.
1:21 Good morning, are you our new manager? Well my name is Jude Black.
1:26 Hello Jude. No, I am the new payroll clerk. My name is James Smith.
1:31 It’s nice to meet you James.
1:33 Thank you Jude. It’s a pleasure to meet you too.
1:36 Do you want me to show you around the place?
1:39 Could you? That’d be very nice.
1:42 Absolutely. I’ll be glad to show you around.
1:51 Could you show me the accounting department?
1:53 Sure. Are you new here?
1:55 Yeah. I’ve just joined as the payroll clerk. I need to meet the CFO.
1:59 Well it’s good that I ran into you here. I am the CFO.
2:03 Really? Nice to meet you Sir.
2:05 Drop the Sir. I am Henry. Henry Parker.
2:08 Nice to meet you Mr. Parker. I am James Smith.
2:12 Welcome to our company James.
2:20 Hi Chris. I am Kelly. I’ll be assisting you with your training assignment.
2:25 Good to meet you Kelly. So where should we start?
2:28 Well, you’ve gotta learn about our practices. We have rules for everything in this company, you know.
2:34 Oh. That’s interesting.
2:36 Don’t worry, I am just talking about the rules for handling customers.
2:40 We like to make sure that our customers are happy in here.
2:44 I know what you mean Kelly. I’ve been in customer support myself in my last job.
2:49 Great! Then you should have no problems.
3:01 The word ‘scenarios’ means situations. It means a sequence of happenings or events.
3:08 When you explore a scenario, you discuss a situation that is possible.
3:17 To show someone around is to take him around a place and show him the important and relevant things.
3:23 When you show someone around in a company, you may take him to different departments and introduce him to people.
3:34 The Payroll is the record of the salaries and wages of the staff of a company.
3:44 The word practices in this situation refers to the rules of the organisation,
3:50 And the things people are supposed to do in response to certain incidents or situations.
4:00 The customer support department helps customers find solutions to their problems.
4:05 They manage customer complaints in order to reduce customer dissatisfaction.
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