How to improve your English vocabulary

source: Crown Academy of English 2014年10月7日
In this video, I explain why reading is so important for learning new English words and I give you tips and advice on what books, magazines and newspapers to read and where to find them. I mention both American English and British newspapers and magazines.
I then recommend some word games which will help you learn and remember new vocabulary while having fun.
Watching English television and films / movies is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary and I suggest a good method to choose words to add to your journal.
It is essential to use a good dictionary and thesaurus to look up new words and to take notes in a journal of related synonyms and antonyms. Other things to note in your vocabulary notebook or journal are example sentences, the context and the IPA phonetic transcript to help with the pronunciation.
All the advice for learning new vocabulary will help improve your general level of English in all areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
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