Office English - How to talk to your subordinates

source: Twominute English    2014年1月14日
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0:14 Hi there! Glad to see you, dear viewer. Many of us work in offices and have subordinates reporting to us.
0:20 We need to give them tasks, get reports, give feedback and communicate with them about a lot of other things.
0:27 It’s hard, isn’t it?
0:28 But don’t worry, you can improve your office communications if you practice.
0:33 So in this lesson we will see conversations related to offices and talking to subordinates.
0:39 Do listen to them all, and also make sure you check out the vocabulary section at the end.
0:43 Feel free to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want!
0:49 Let’s get it started now!
0:58 Excuse me Kate. You have a minute?
1:00 Sure, Sir. What can I do for you?
1:02 I just want to update you about the new project we’ve been assigned.
1:05 But the previous one isn’t finished yet.
1:08 Yes, I know. You told me it’ll be done by the next weekend, so we’ll start working on the next one after that.
1:14 Okay, I am worried about delays though.
1:17 Don’t worry Kate, I saw the status, this one’s almost done. You’ll finish it comfortably.
1:29 Check your mail Luke. You’ve got a new assignment.
1:32 I saw that. It involves a lot of traveling. Is there a deadline?
1:36 In fact there is… You gotta give me the finished report by 12th Jan.
1:40 That gives me 10 days to finish it.
1:42 Yes. Enough time I am sure.
1:44 Yes Sir. Enough time. Don’t worry, I’ll sort it out.
1:55 Alright! I saw this month’s performance charts. You’ve been doing pretty good lately.
1:59 Thanks! That telephone marketing training I got has helped a lot.
2:03 Yeah! I guess it worked. Mark my words, if your conversions continue to be this high, you’re all set to be the team leader next quarter.
2:12 It feels good to hear such words.
2:14 I bet it does. Just stay focused. If you need anything just let me know.
2:25 What’s wrong with you Kate?
2:27 What happened Luke? Did I do something wrong?
2:29 The financial report you sent me last night has a number of silly mistakes.
2:33 The expenditures have been posted to wrong accounts, and the balance sheet is incorrect.
2:37 Is that so? But I spent the entire afternoon correcting all the issues.
2:42 I made sure there were no mistakes. Looks like I mailed you a wrong copy.
2:47 Are you kidding me? You didn't check the document before pressing that send button?
2:51 I was working late night yesterday and I wasted an hour finding errors in that balance sheet.
2:56 Luke, I’m really sorry! Please give me a minute, I’ll send you the correct copy.
3:10 When you update someone about something, you tell them about something new that has happened.
3:20 Sort it out is an idiom which means to fix something, or resolve an issue.
3:24 When you say you will sort out some pending work, it means you will find a way to finish it.
3:33 The deadline is the date on which you need to submit the finished work.
3:42 When you say ‘mark my words’ you want the listener to pay importance to what you are saying.
3:52 When you’re focused, you are concentrating on the work. To stay focused is to continue being concentrated.
4:04 Posting is an accounting term. It means to make a record of a financial transaction in your accounting system.
4:12 Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new lesson tomorrow.
4:16 We’d like you to come back and check it out!
4:18 See ya around!