Relationships English - Breaking up a relationship

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Relationships are beautiful if they are good. Some relationships last forever, and that's the kind of relationship that everyone would like to have, but sometimes two people are just not compatible, and then it's time to move on.
Breaking up is hard. It's tough to find those words and say them to the person you are with. We can help a bit. In this lesson we will show you some conversations about break ups.
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0:14 Hello! Great to see you here.
0:17 Breaking up a relationship is hard, but we’ve all been there.
0:21 Sharing with your friends may help a bit.
0:23 So let’s listen to some conversations about breaking up and build up our vocabulary by checking the vocabulary section at the end.
0:32 Don’t forget to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the lines anytime you want!
0:38 It will help you build up your English fluency.
0:41 So let’s get started!!
0:50 Shane. We need to talk.
0:52 Sure. What is this about?
0:54 It’s about us.
0:56 What about us Alice?
0:58 Well Shane, we’ve been together for 3 months, but I feel like it’s not working out.
1:04 Oh. I knew this was coming. What do you want to do?
1:08 I think that we should stop seeing each other Shane, I don’t think you reciprocate my feelings anyways.
1:15 Maybe you are right Alice. I’ve been feeling that we’re trying to force this relationship upon ourselves.
1:20 I guess it’s best for both of us to move on.
1:29 Monica, I want to ask you something.
1:31 Sure Rick! What’s up?
1:32 I saw you last night at the club dancing with Ricardo.
1:36 and you had told me you were staying home because your mother was ill.
1:40 Oh no! Were you at the club too?
1:44 Yeah. I went there to get a drink with my fellows.
1:46 Wait Rick! I.. I can explain this.
1:49 I don’t want any explanations.
1:51 We have to part ways now.
1:55 Just don’t call me anymore.
1:57 Rick don’t do this!
2:05 What happened? Why do you look so sad?
2:08 Rick broke up with me. And I’m devastated.
2:12 What? Why did he do something like that? He’s a nice guy!
2:17 Well, I went dance with Ricardo this Saturday he saw me.
2:20 I had told him my mom was ill and I was staying home.
2:24 Why did you do that you silly woman? I think you deserved it then!
2:28 Well, Ricardo asked me out, and you know I’ve fancied him ever since high school.
2:32 I just.. I couldn’t say no.
2:34 I’m afraid you definitely deserved what you got. That was a stupid thing to do.
2:40 I know. I am just so sorry.
2:44 Girl… It’s done now, but maybe you’ll be happier with Ricardo.
2:50 Yeah. Hope so.
2:59 What’s wrong with you? Why do you always look so messed up?
3:02 How am I supposed to behave after breaking up a 5-year-long relationship?
3:07 It was your decision and you need to cope up with it as soon as you can.
3:12 It should not disrupt your whole life.
3:15 I’m trying to. I just need some time.
3:18 You broke up with him 3 months ago Rita. It’s really time to get over it.
3:24 I think you’re right!
3:35 When something is not going according to plan or expectations, then it’s not working out.
3:46 To reciprocate is to return what you receive.
3:49 If someone loves you, and you love them back, that’s reciprocating their love.
3:59 When you try to do something unwillingly or make someone else do something
4:03 against their will you force things upon yourself or them.
4:12 Move on is to end an existing relationship and find a new one.
4:22 Fellows is sometimes used to mean friends. My fellows means my friends.
4:32 Devastated means shattered or destroyed.
4:35 When someone’s devastated, they are under great emotional pain.
4:44 To get over something is to not be upset about it any longer.
4:49 When you get over a relationship, you don’t let it affect your emotions any longer.
4:59 To part ways is to separate.
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