Accent Training - Accent Training lesson 12 - /ɔɪ/ (oi) as in Boy

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年5月15日
Accent Training lesson 12 - /ɔɪ/ (oi) as in Joy
Lips: Move from slightly rounded, oval position to relaxed, slightly parted position.
Tongue: Relaxed, move from mid-high to high position.

Common Spelling Patterns for /ɔɪ/
oi avoid, oil, moist, join
oy enjoy, toy, employ, royal

Word Pairs for Practice
1. enjoy the toy 6. annoying noise
2. spoiled boy 7. destroy the poison
3. appointment in Detroit 8. loyal employee
4. broiled oysters 9. moist soil
5. boiling point 10. avoid the moisture

Practice Sentences
1. He destroyed the poison by flushing it down the toilet.
2. Roy had an appointment in Detroit.
3. Joyce is annoyed and a little paranoid.
4. I was disappointed with Joy's choice.
5. Why is Floyd avoiding Roy?