Accent Training lesson 08 : /ɔ/ ( aw) as in SAW

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2013年4月15日
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Lips: Apart, very slightly rounded, oval shape.
Tongue: Slightly tense, down near the floor of mouth.
Common Spelling Patterns for /ɔ/
aw Jaw, Draw, Awesome
au Author, August, Applaud, Audition
al Fall, Walk, Tall, Always
ought Bought, Thought, Fought
aught Daughter, Taught
o Gone, Song, Long

Word Pairs for Practice
1. pause in the hall
2. awful thought
3. water the lawn
4. talk until dawn
5. autumn in Austria
6. walk the dog
7. small talk
8. already exhausted
9. tall wall
10. caught the ball

Practice Sentences
1. I saw her audition in August.
2. His daughter had an awful thought.
3. He bought an automobile last Fall.
4. Paula will walk the dog.