Conversations During Travel and Holidays

source: Twominute English     2014年2月18日
On this video, you'll learn through sample conversations how to talk about your travel experiences.
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0:10 Hello there! Each of us has eventually travelled away from home.
0:15 We all love to share our travel experiences with others because it widens our horizons and gives us a greater awareness.
0:22 Today’s lesson will show you how to talk about your travel experiences with others.
0:29 Shall we get started ?
0:37 Hi Trench. You’re looking good. Did you go for a vacation somewhere?
0:42 Yes, I’ve just come back from Hawaii.
0:45 Hawaii! Wow, that sounds exotic! I’ve heard that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Na Pali Coast are amazing.
0:54 Yes, I agree. The islands are so green and the water’s so blue.
0:59 The beaches go on forever and the food is fantastic. I’ll always remember this vacation..
1:06 Did you swim along the shore?
1:08 Yes, I went swimming every day. I had the time of my life.
1:13 How was the weather there?
1:15 It was nice...bright and sunny. You should go there when you can.
1:20 It feels like paradise here on earth and I’m sure you’d have a great time.
1:25 Yes, I think I would.
1:33 I’ll be flying to New York during Christmas.
1:36 What struck you so suddenly?
1:38 I just want to spend my Christmas holidays with family this year.
1:42 Well, you should book your ticket now.
1:45 You must be kidding! There are still 6 months left until Christmas.
1:50 Yes, but seats will be full by the end of October. You shouldn’t wait if you’ve made up your mind.
1:57 But maybe prices will be cheaper in October.
1:59 Cheaper prices won’t do you any good if there are no seats.
2:04 You’re absolutely right. I’ll do it right away.
2:13 I was thinking about a cruise vacation this year. What do you think?
2:17 That sounds great. Where do you plan to go?
2:21 I want to cruise to the Maldives.
2:23 The Maldives? Oh! That is a great place for family vacation.
2:27 Sandy beaches and clear blue sea...
2:31 But I’m worried about the expense. I’ve heard that travel agencies charge a lot of money for Maldives packages.
2:38 I think that it depends on the kind of accommodation and travel you choose.
2:43 Well, of course I want to have the best of everything.
2:47 Then get ready to spend a lot of money. You’re not traveling alone, are you?
2:52 No, my wife and I will go together.
2:55 Well, you can try to look up good deals online. You might be able to save yourself from spending a fortune.
3:08 You look upbeat. What’s the occasion?
3:11 My company has sponsored a trip to L.A for me.
3:14 That is great news! So what’s the purpose of your trip?
3:19 I’ve been invited to attend a seminar organized by the company.
3:23 What is the seminar about?
3:25 It’s related to the launch of products manufactured by our firm.
3:29 That sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy your stay in L.A.
3:33 Thanks Bob. I’ll keep you updated!
3:44 Going on a holiday for a long time, enjoying oneself, or taking a break from work is called vacation.
3:56 When you enjoyed something very much, you could say you had the time of your life.
4:05 It means “What gave you the idea suddenly?”
4:13 A cruise is a trip on a big boat in the ocean.
4:15 You go on a cruise for fun and enjoyment. It usually lasts several days.
4:25 When you spend a fortune, you spend a lot of money.
4:32 A seminar is a meeting in which a group of people might receive training
4:36 or lectures from speakers on some topic or have discussions.
4:40 It’s usually held for the purpose of learning or interacting.
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