English listening exercise - Dentists

source: Crown Academy of English    2014年12月8日
This English listening exercise is based on a news story about dentists.
As always, I begin by teaching you some new vocabulary and showing you the correct pronunciation and some example sentences.
Then I give you the questions that I would like you to answer during the listening exercise. You will then have the opportunity to listen to the article as many times as you want in order to answer the questions.
When you have finished, I give you the answers to the listening test along with an explanation of some more new vocabulary.
Finally, I display the transcript of the news report on the screen and give you the chance to listen to it one last time.
This exercise will help you improve your listening skills and will be particularly useful for students preparing for the IELTS and TOEFL exams.
The accent during the lesson is a British English accent.
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