Safety Concerns

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Safety has become one of the biggest concerns of the modern age. There are a number of things you have to take care of every day to make sure you live a safe and happy life. In this video, we'll talk about some major safety concerns and how you can discuss them with your friends and family.

0:10 Hello! Great to see you, dear viewer.
0:12 Safety is a very important thing and we often discuss our concerns about it with our friends and family.
0:18 We can get some good advice on what we should do to ensure our safety, when we discuss the subject with others.
0:25 So let’s listen to some conversations which show you how you can talk about safety concerns.
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0:51 I don't know what’s happening to the world?
0:54 What happened? Why do you look so upset?
0:57 Crimes are increasing every day! What’s wrong with people?
1:03 So many people live in adverse circumstances. Some people are not left with much choice.
1:08 Is that it?
1:09 Also, sometimes lack of good parenting leads to crimes.
1:13 I guess, people are just not ready to accept what they have
1:18 and the greed to have more leads them to illegal activities, even murder.
1:26 You know what I think? Our society should take a stand against every crime. Then things would improve!
1:38 Wait! I have to go back upstairs.
1:40 Why? We’re already behind schedule.
1:43 I have to check the terrace gate.
1:45 What’s the matter?
1:46 Maybe I forgot to lock it.
1:48 No, you didn’t. I locked it myself before coming down.
1:51 Are you sure?
1:53 Yes. I'm sure.
1:54 I just want to make sure the kids are safe when we aren’t around.
1:57 Don’t worry. I’ve checked everything. You’re just being over concerned.
2:08 Is this fire alarm system enough to protect the school premises from fire?
2:13 Yes, it is. These fire alarms have been installed in every wing of the school.
2:19 As soon as they ring, the water sprinklers will start automatically.
2:24 Are there any safe exit points for students?
2:27 Yes. They’ll be directed to move to the north parking lot.
2:32 Alright. Are the students being trained to know what to do when the alarm goes off?
2:38 Absolutely! Every semester we conduct fire drills so the students know what to do in case of a fire.
2:48 That’s good!
2:55 What are you watching?
2:56 Our mayor’s statement on the crime rate in our state.
2:59 What does he have to say about it?
3:01 He says the crime rate has substantially reduced in the last couple of years.
3:06 Really? Two crimes in one night two blocks away, and he says the crime rate is improving?
3:12 Maybe he’s talking about his own neighborhood.
3:25 Harmful or unpleasant situations, against your well-being.
3:30 If you grow up without enough food, you grew up in adverse circumstances.
3:42 When you have to do something you don’t want to do,
3:44 with no other option, you say you are not left with much choice.
3:52 Bringing up children is called parenting.
3:55 There’s good parenting, and there’s not-so-good parenting.
3:59 Sometimes parenting is fun, and sometimes it’s not at all fun.
4:09 Late and not ready by the planned time.
4:12 Dinner might be behind schedule because you were late getting home,
4:15 and the trains might be behind schedule because of an accident or weather.
4:24 The boundaries of the school property, including the building itself and the land around it.
4:31 During the school day, you must stay on the school premises.
4:39 A fire drill is an exercise whose objective is to train people for emergencies.
4:44 Its objective is to make sure people will know how to get out of a building quickly and safely in case of a fire.
4:56 Very much or to great extent.
4:59 Examples: The price of gasoline has increased substantially.
5:06 I weigh substantially more than I did in high school!
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