10 commonly used slang words used in English - Advance English Lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2013年11月20日
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Slangs are nothing but Informal words or expressions that are used in the spoken rather than in the written English. As they are strictly informal, you might want to use them mostly with friends, colleagues or people close to you. You'll want to refrain from using slangs with your boss, teachers or elders. It is important to also know that slangs are not unique words. They are, however, derived from other common English words or maybe other slangs too.

Let's take a look at some interesting slangs you can use on an everyday basis:
1) To blow out of here-To leave
Example : I decided to blow out of the theater because the movie was so boring.

2) Pain in the neck-very annoying
Example :My little brother can be a real pain in the neck with his constant questioning.

3) Zapped out-completely tired or exhausted
Example : I was zapped out after a long day at work.

4 )Catch some Z's-get some sleep
Example :I need to catch some Z's before my next flight which is due in 7 hours time.

5) To screw around-to waste time
Example :You'll be fired if you screw around all the time.

6) Far out-Really great
Example :The music played at the concert tonight was far out.

7) Goof up-make a serious mistake
Example :I goofed up by painting my hair purple.

8) Make waves-cause trouble
Example :The politician's controversial speech made waves around town.

9) Bummed-Depressed
Example :I was bummed on hearing the news about the recently hit recession in the country.

10 )Airhead-stupid person
Example :My sister's boyfriend is an airhead.