Animal names to describe different things – Spoken English lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk     2016年9月6日
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Duck – to dodge (verb) or a Sitting duck – a helpless victim or target

Dog – a wicked person (adjective) or Dog – to continuously question a person about something (verb)

Cat – a stylish lady or cat – someone who is witty and clever

Bear – a man who has a huge built, is hairy, resembles a bear or teddy bear- someone who is very warm and huggable.

Fox – a foxy woman is a sexy woman but when a man is called a fox, it means that he is cunning, can cheat easily and cannot be trusted.

Bird – can be used in place of a person, or bird breed – an insulting way of saying that someone is not intelligent. A man could also refer to a woman as a bird, to describe a beautiful woman.

Turkey – used to talk about someone who is not intelligent or cold turkey means to talk about something that is completely over or stopped like when going on a diet, you could say, “I have quit fried food cold turkey.”

Tiger – a man who is fierce, especially a sportsperson who need to win be fierce to win a game.

Horse – Horsey is an adjective to talk about a person who as a long and ugly face.
To horse around means to be loud, noisy and to be rough, mostly used with kids.

Bitch – used for a woman is considered rude, mean, who insults everyone, but it is an abuse so should be avoided.