How to overcome laziness? - Intermediate English Lesson

source: Learn English with Let's Talk    2014年1月29日
In this lesson, Ceema tells you how to overcome laziness. It could be due to the cold weather where in you just don't feel like doing anything. Sometimes you may be tired and so you feel lazy. But laziness also means being idle, and don't desire to do anything.
So, how do we overcome laziness.

1. Break down tasks : When you are lazy, small and big tasks seem very overwhelming. So it is better to break them down into chunks.

2. Rest, sleep and exercise : It is imperative to rest and sleep well, say about 8hours daily. Exercising daily, keeps the body physically fit and active.

3. Have a vision : Visualize what you want to be. This motivates you and enables you to be active.

4. Know the consequences : When you do your tasks, they will yield positive results. So, this reduces piling up of work, too.

5. Visualization : This means imagination. Imagine yourself doing the task efficiently. This leads to a positive mindset which eventually turns into action.

6. Procrastination : This means delaying your tasks to a later date. This should be strictly avoided as, it is the biggest barrier to overcoming laziness.

7. Observe others' success : Successful people have an active life. They do their work efficiently all the time. Keep a close watch on them to see how they overcome their laziness, pull up their socks to get down to their tasks and finally achieve success.